Monday, 10 February 2014

Weekend Round Up & Operation Organisation...

This weekend flew by is a haze of bin bags, storage boxes, paint brushes and Nutella!

We had out carpets cleaned last Thursday, a job I have been putting off for years, but after one too many drinks have ended up on the floor during the course of various parties it was finally time to bite the bullet and book a professional deep clean.  The results are truly amazing, our carpets look brand new, I'm still a bit in shock!

A horrible red wine stain once lived here!

Having the someone round to do the carpets meant we (Mr O) had pull EVERYTHING out from all of our hiding places - under the bed, under the sofa, behind doors etc.  With everything out and piled in either the kitchen or the bathroom there was only one thing for it a huge sort out.  We sent a couple of boxes to my Mum and Dads to store, but we also threw loads out and have a big pile for friends and the charity shop…such a good feeling to get ruthless on the clutter!

We popped out to pick up some shopping on Saturday and I bought everything I needed to make Nutella banana bread…the only problem is I consumed the whole jar within two days, it did not get close to a banana…oops!

The Baby wanted it!

We also popped to Baby Gap to take advantage of the Grazia 30% discount to pick up a couple of items for Baby O and some presses for friends who have recently had gorgeous baby girls.

It will be a while until Baby O can wear these, but they were just too cute to resist!

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