Tuesday, 4 February 2014

30 weeks...

We’re here…the big 3-0!!  Which means we only have 10 weeks left..ekk!!  Which also means I only have 6 weeks left at work, that’s 5 more Monday mornings!

 This week has been a good week, Baby O has been wriggling and jumping like nobody’s business and I just love it.  I am really struggling to sleep at the moment, but feeling him moving around in the early hours makes being awake at that time not seem so bad.  Still no stretch marks, which is great…hoping that continues for the next 10 weeks.  Still no cravings either, unless you count mini eggs, but I’m sure that is more me being greedy than an actual craving!  All in all I am feeling great and really enjoying the experience of being pregnant.

Other good news this week is that I finally paid off one of my credit cards today…such a good feeling.  Mr O and I have been working really hard in the last 18 months to cut our debt as much as possible, so clearing a card is a big achievement.  Just the last bit of the wedding to pay off now and my overdraft to clear.  Really hoping I can get it all done by the time Baby O arrives.  Wish me luck.

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