Tuesday, 17 June 2014

7 & 8 Weeks...

2 Months Today!

7 Weeks

8 Weeks

The last two weeks have been a lot of fun, Max is so interactive now when he's awake…we get so many smiles and even a few giggles while being changed - I have to be honest though this makes me slightly nervous as it as if he is plotting his next 'pee attack'!  He really does seem to love his changing mat and wriggles so much with excitement (after he's been changed, before he is not happy at all, that boy does not like a wet nappy!)

Sleep-wise there is no real change.  I am expressing in the morning so Mr O can do the last feed of the day (11/12ish).  After this feed Max goes down into his crib until about 3ish.  When I feed him again and he tends to sleep on me after this, naughty I know and I am planning on working hard at getting back into his crib after this feed.  He'll then sleep though until about 6.30/7.  I'm hoping that he'll drop the 3 o'clock feed sooner rather than later, but for now this routine seems to be working for us.  Whilst of the subject of sleep I have to say I love the little snores and smiles that seem to happen once he's into a really deep sleep.

4am Smiles!

During the day we don't have much of a routine, but we are trying to follow The Baby Whisperers EASY routine.  Basically feed (Eat), play/change (Activity) and Sleep.  The beauty of this 'routine' is that it is pretty flexible in terms of timings.  On a 'normal' day Max will go for about 3 hours between feeds, but if he gets hungrier earlier or sleeps for longer its no biggie as it is the steps you're following rather that a clock.

In Conversation With An Underwater Dinosaur!

Max has a bath most evenings at 7 when Mr O gets in from work while I try and do a quick tidy up and get dinner going.  Max loves the bath, but is not a big fan of getting out…cold and wet is not a good combination!  We started a baby massage class at our local children's centre and I am hoping to add this into the bathtime/bedtime routine soon.  We had Max weighed at the class as they have a health visitor present and he is now 5.3kg!  He's starting to get that chubby baby look with wrinkles around his knees and ankles…love it!

 Baby wrinkles

We had some great news from the doctor that we could stop the baby gaviscon we were giving Max 6 times a day.  We're still giving ranitidine 3 times a day and this seems to be keeping Max's reflux under control…hooray, its so nice to have out happy little man back.  Fingers crossed he will grow out of the reflux soon.

We love you more and more everyday Max

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Me And Mine: A Family Portrait Project - May

When I first saw this project pre-baby on one of my favourite blogs (Mummy Daddy Me) I thought it was a lovely idea, but I didn't really appreciate the importance of making sure you have family photos.  Now that I am part of a little family of three and the fact that even though we took hundreds of photos of Max in hospital on his own, with each other and with other people it took us 3 days to get a photo of the three of us together...I get it!

So to kick off my participation in this project here is our first family photo taken in April…

And here is our May contribution taken at Max's first BBQ surrounded by great friends!

dear beautiful

Monday, 2 June 2014

First Month Essentials..

As we are now half way through our second month with Max I thought I would share a few of the things that we found really useful. You can fill your home with all sorts of baby related gadgets and gizmos, but these are in my opinion the essentials

Water Wipes...

Official advice is to not use anything on your newborns skin other than water and suggests using cooled boiled water and cotton wool to clean up after a dirty nappy.  This is all well and good until you are squashed into a tiny toilet cubicle in a cafe trying to clean up what can only be described as a poo explosion! Step forward water wipes...they are 99.9% water and the only wipes suitable for newborns.  We are buying them in bulk from Amazon so they are working out at a similar price to other baby wipes

Nappy Bin...

Living in a one bedroom, second floor flat space is at a premium and trekking down two flights of stairs to the communal bin store after every nappy change is not an option.  After looking at various solutions to our potentially smelly predicament we settled on the tommee tippee sangenic bin - it takes up hardly any room and it's super easy to use - you just pop the dirty nappy in the top and twist to seal it away with no smell or germs - what more could you want!  Check it our here.


Lots and lots of muslins! We bought a few ourselves and were given lots and honestly I thought we had too many...how wrong could I be! I would say we have JUST about enough as long as we do a wash every other day!


Although we are not bottle feeding we've still been putting our steriliser through its paces mainly for dummy's and the various bits and pieces to administer Max's medicines.  I'm hoping to start expressing this week (wish me luck) so it will be getting even more use.  We went for the tommee tippee steam steriliser purely because a) we don't have a microwave so a countertop version was our only option and b) it was part of a starter kit that was on special on amazon during their baby event!  It's still pretty good value now.

Washing machine...

Last but by no means least a washing machine! Our washing machine decided to give up the ghost the week we brought Max home...thanks for that!  Mr O managed to patch it up with some picture wire and cork (don't ask me, that man can fix pretty much anything!) until we could get a new one ordered.  Now, it's been a while since I have had to buy a washing machine so I admit I am a little out of touch, but I was not expecting a spaceship to be delivered! Aside from looking pretty slick the Samsung Eco Bubble is also very user friendly and includes a useful 15min quick wash and our most used programme...the special baby wash, which includes extra rinses to ensure no detergent is left on the fabrics to irritate babies sensitive skin. Genius!

Baby Bouncer...

Our was very kindly donated by a friend who's two girls had grown out of it and it is worth it's weight in gold! Not only does it allow me to have a shower in the morning while being able to keep an eye on Max (I bring him into the bathroom with me), it also and more importantly soothes any overtired meltdowns with its gentle vibrating.  Our's is no longer in stock, but you this one is very similar.


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