Thursday, 6 February 2014

Nuts For Nutella...

How did I not know it was World Nutella Day yesterday!?!  A day late, but here are a few delicious Nutella related recipes that I will be trying over the course of this month to celebrate Nutella Day.  I mean it really should be World Nutella Month rather than day!

There are many reasons I love Nutella, but these are the main ones…Its delicious.  You can eat it with pretty much anything…bread, fruit, ice cream…all the major food groups! AND you can eat it by itself.  Whats not to love?

3 Ingredient Nutella Ravioli

Image Source & Recipe: Cakes Cottage

Nutella Cookie Cups

Image Source & Recipe: Cakes Cottage

Nutella Stacked French Toast 

Not sure I would bother with the cream cheese in this one…

Image Source & Recipe: Grilled Cheese Social

And finally if anyone knows where I can find this ice cream machine…please let me know!

Via Pinterest

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