Tuesday, 18 February 2014

32 Weeks...

32 weeks today…8 weeks left…4 weeks left at work!

This past week I’ve been feeling pretty good.  I’ve been trying to take it easier at the weekends, rather than squishing as much in as possible and it seems to have helped my energy levels.  Baby O is still very wriggly, but he definitely seems to be quieter at weekends, maybe as a result of me doing more?  I can tell space is starting to get tight in there for him as his movements are so strong now.  I know I say it every week, but it really is the best feeling.  Mr O is starting to catch more of his movements now, which is great…it’s crazy to think in just a couple of months he’ll be here!

Still no stretch marks…I’m really hoping to keep avoiding them for the next 8 weeks, fingers crossed the Clarins Body Tonic will keep doing its thing!

Sleep-wise things are getting better.  I tend to wake up a couple of times in the night with a pain in my left leg (I’m sleeping on my left), but after a quick trip to the bathroom and a plumping of my pregnancy pillow I am able to get back to sleep fairly quickly.  Hopefully this will continue.

Putting my socks and shoes on has me out of breath these days and my pregnancy waddle is becoming more graceful every day, but I wouldn’t change a bit of it, I feel like the luckiest girl ever.

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