Monday, 27 January 2014

Weekend Round Up...

Lots of baby preparation this weekend which didn’t leave much time for exploring, but I’m not too worried as we now have all of our big ticket items for Baby O sorted. Whoop whoop!

The last big thing on our list was the car seat so this weekend we headed over to John Lewis to pick up said car seat.  With Mr O having previously worked in car design a lot of research was undertaken into which was the safest car seat out there.  After looking at all the evidence we settled on the Be Safe iZi Go with an iso fix base.  I personally think it looks pretty nice too!

 Be Safe iZi Go

We were lucky enough to be able to buy a second hand bugaboo bee+ from a friend saving us a fortune, so this weekend we took it to bits and gave it a really good clean and it now looks as good as new and by total coincidence I painted my nails to match it!

We tried out a few different buggies in various stores and the bugaboo bee+ was the only one that seemed to fit all our needs…compact enough to fit in a little flat, easy to manoeuvre, light enough for me to be able to get it in and out of the car and of course look nice.

Can’t wait for April to try the Little Man out in them.

We also popped into ASDA to pick up our bounty pack (I'll share a little secret with you…if you pick your pack up from ASDA you'll get an extra freebie!) and while there we spotted that they have "mum to be" parking spaces, how cool is that?! Shame they were all full!

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