Tuesday, 28 January 2014

29 weeks...

How is it not the end of January yet!?!  Seriously it feels like the longest month EVER.  I’m not one to wish my life away, but when you are counting down the days to April 15th (77 in case you are wondering!) the never ending month of January really is a drag!

This week I started back at pregnancy yoga with the lovely Alexa Dean.  Due to various venue issues we have ended up with a very small group of girls in one of my friends living rooms…perfect!  I think the last class I attended was in the middle of December so it was interesting to see how much I needed to adapt some of the moves to accommodate my growing bump - child's pose I'm looking at you!

I’ve had tons of movement again this week, I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of feeling my little man squirming around.  Apart from being crazy tired I’ve been feeling pretty good…no real cravings, although I am super thirsty all the time.   Still no stretch marks…yay me, or should that be yay Clarins!  I’m still managing to wear a combination of maternity and non-maternity clothes…although I’m not sure the shape of the non-maternity clothes will return to normal after this amount of stretching!

Looking forward to it being February and hitting the big 3-0 next week…

Outfit: Monsoon Dress (old, non-maternity), Topshop Jumper (old, non-maternity), Marks and Spencer Boots (old), Marks and Spencer maternity tights

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