Friday, 3 January 2014

25 Weeks...

This is me celebrating 25 weeks and New Years in Edinburgh, we're having a baby THIS YEAR!!…I had my 25 week GP appointment today and all is good.  I got to hear baby boy's heartbeat again which has to be one of the best sounds EVER!

We've had lots of movement this week which I love and apart from not sleeping great I am feeling pretty good.  My tummy button is definitely on its way out, it will be weird to have an 'outie' after having an 'innie' for 34 years!

Mr O has started reading to Bean this week and this has the dual benefit in that Bean hears his voice as well as mine and it sends me to sleep, cycling books…what can I say!

In this picture I'm wearing Helene Berman wool pom pom hat (sold out, but beige version here), old black pashmina, old black Topshop jumper, grey H&M maternity jeans, pink kids(!) Hunter boots, old Zara faux fur gilet, navy mens Barbour jacket

15 weeks to go!

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