Thursday, 23 January 2014

Operation Organisation...

At the beginning of every year I have a compulsion to organise and de-clutter my flat and this year that urge has been heightened by the need to 'nest'.

I decided my first task would be to tackle my out of control handbag collection…they were being stashed in boxes under my bed and in the wardrobe (and any other bag shaped nocks and crannies!).  I wish I has taken before pictures so you could see the improvement.

I pulled out all my bags and laid them out on the bed, from here I bagged up all the bags I knew I would never use again to give to family, friends and the charity shop and then set to work on what was left.

I sorted all of my clutch bags into magazine files so I can now clearly see what I have.

I popped these on the shelf in my wardrobe and boxed up all my remaining bags in a much more orderly fashion.

Much more organised and I even found a few bags I had forgotten about along the way…result!

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