Monday, 13 January 2014

Tourists In Our Town

As I start to consider the fact that I am not going to be living in London for much longer it is dawning on me how little of London I know.  To try and rectify this Mr O and I will be attempting to explore a new area every weekend for the coming months.

We kicked off our mission yesterday, making the most of the sunny morning, with a trip to Primrose Hill.  I’m not going to lie on first inspection I was a little disappointed, it was more of a large mound than a hill, but the view from the top certainly did not disappoint.  We were lucky with it being such a clear day we could make out all of London’s landmarks and identify a few new ones (Caledonian Clock Tower I am talking about you!).

We grabbed drinks at Anthony’s Delicatessen in preparation for the hike ahead of us, and while their latte’s didn’t quite hit Mr O’s exacting standards I can definitely recommend the hot chocolate.

Where to next weekend…maybe Hampstead Heath or Northcote Road.  I think I need to start a list of places to visit…

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