Tuesday, 1 April 2014

38 Weeks...

2 weeks to go!!  We had our 38 week check with the midwife at the birth centre today.  It was such a different experience to all my other appointments.  Don't get me wrong all the midwife appointments I have had so far have been great, but they always feel a little rushed. Todays appointment was much more relaxed, the midwife was so kind, caring and reassuring and I came away even more excited to give birth in the birth centre.

All the checks the midwife carried out were spot on again and Baby O is over 1/2 way engaged…yay!

I've been bouncing on my ball, walking lots and listening to my natal hypnotherapy CD all in the hope that Baby O will arrive on his due date (which I found out much to Mr O's delight is national bicycle day!).  A few more stretch marks have reared their ugly heads this week, but I'm not as bothered as I thought I would be by them.  I just see them as further proof that I am growing a little human!  Don't get me wrong though I am still covering myself in oil.  I've also got a bit of swelling in my feet, but the midwife didn't seem to worried by it, so I goes for now I'll be sticking to flip flops and my one pair of trainers that fit!

Looking forward to meeting you soon Baby O!

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