Thursday, 20 March 2014

Spring has Sprung...

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Is it any coincidence that the UN picked the first official day of spring (today) as International Day of Happiness?

I'm looking forward to picking up some pretty flowers and bringing a little springtime happiness into the flat.

I also thought that now was probably a good time to check back on how i'm doing with my resolutions/goals…

1. Devote more time to creating.  I'm sad to say this one has been rather neglected.  I need to put the time in over the next few weeks before Baby O arrives.  I have a whole list of projects (baby and non-baby related) that I want to complete, so time to stop procrastinating and start doing!

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2.     Be more organised.  I do feel like I am getting there slowly but surely with this one.  The flat is feeling a lot less cluttered and I have started implementing things like a meal plan, but there is definitely room for improvement.3.     Travel more.  We made it to Dorset, but that is about all the travelling we have done so far…I think we need to start planning some more trips so this one doesn't get forgotten.4.     Drink more water.  Hmmm, I have good days and bad days with this one…I either seem to drink like a fish (2+ litres) or barely anything at all.  Maybe if I had one of these lovely bottles I'd do better, unfortunately I have yet to find a UK stockist.

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5.     Blog More!  I'm trying and so far I am pretty happy with the progress.  People are actually reading, which is both exciting and terrifying!  I love looking at my stats and seeing which posts are resonating best.  Thanks so much for checking out my little corner of the interweb!

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