Tuesday, 25 March 2014

37 Weeks...

Baby O is considered full term!!  I know being a first time mum that he will probably arrive late, but I can't help but get excited that he could be here any day now!

This is week two of my maternity leave and I am still loving it…who knew there was so much to do during the day.  I have mainly been keeping myself busy 'nesting'.  Lots of cleaning, washing and general organising for Baby O's arrival.

As you can see, I am now MASSIVE and I', really feeling it.  If I thought I had a waddle before, I didn't!  I'm really running out of clothing options now, so I'm having to get inventive…dresses as tops are a current favourite.  I'm still feeling so much movement, and still loving it.   Baby O still gets hiccups pretty regularly, but not quite as often as he was before.  I've also started getting some braxton hicks this week…exciting!

We're ready to meet you as soon as you are ready Baby O!

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