Tuesday, 4 March 2014

34 weeks...

6 weeks left…which means only 2 weeks left at work…eek!

We had our 34 week midwife appointment today and I am pleased to say we are right on track.  Baby O is on track size-wise and has a lovely strong heartbeat.  As all is good it means I can now be referred to the birth centre rather than the labour ward…whoop whoop!

Baby O had a bit of a quiet day, which is always a little unsettling, but today he is back on wiggly form.  At our appointment this morning he was not yet engaged but I have a sneaking suspicion he may have started dropping this afternoon as I am feeling a lot of low pressure.  Good news is that even if he hasn't dropped he is still head down and ready to go.

I'm starting to notice swelling in my hands and feet towards the end of the day, but the midwife didn't seem worried, she just suggested putting my feet up more…advice I am happy to take!

Looking forward to meeting you soon Baby O…

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