Saturday, 12 July 2014

This Week I'm Winning...

This week has been a good week…nothing particularly spectacular has happened, its more that lots of little things came together this week.

1. I managed to get my 12 week update live on time

On time…that deserves a smile!

2. I got through the HUGE mound of ironing that has been sitting mocking me for far to long…AND I have managed to keep on top of it

3. I made something…nothing major just a card, but its baby steps towards restocking my ETSY shop (more on that later!)

4. We made it to our baby massage class…on time and Max enjoyed it!

5. The little dude started having his naps in his cots and I worked out there is a pattern to his napping

Nap time...

6. I finally got on top of my finances…essential when trying to budget on statutory maternity pay

7. Celebrated squeezing into my pre-pregnancy jeans by having a sort through and clear out of my wardrobe…it feels great to have only things I love (and fit me!) in my wardrobe now

Clothes to be passed on to my little sis and the charity shop...

8. And last, but not least I finally made a start on our thank you cards…sorry they are so late folks!

Feels good to have made a dent in my to do list…fist bumps all round!


  1. Wow... that sounds like a really productive week. I don't think I managed to send out my thank you cards until Little Miss H was over 6 months old. I have yet to write the thank you cards for her birthday - which was in May. Oops! I hope next week is equally successful. Hugs Mrs H xxxx

    1. Thanks Mrs H…this week wasn't quite as productive, but you win some you lose some! Hope you had a good week xx

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