Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Me And Mine: A Family Portrait Project - June

I can't believe Me and Mine has come round again so quickly…where is this year going!?  I had a bit of a panic this morning when I realised that it is now July and I didn't have a family shot for June.  Then I realised I did…phew panic over!

This months picture is pretty special it was taken in Poole, Dorset as Mr O and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary.

On Saturday June 22nd 2013 Mr O and I said 'I Do' at my Mum and Dad's church in Poole, we then celebrated surrounded by friends and family at the gorgeous Shell Bay Restaurant on Studland.  The day was absolutely perfect and I wouldn't have changed a thing.  

On Sunday June 22nd 2014 we headed back to Shell Bay for lunch, this time with our gorgeous new addition.  I truly feel like the luckiest and most blessed girl alive to be stood in the exact same spot a year later with my husband and a baby boy…what a year! 

Please indulge me as I share a few photos from the day taken by the super talented Mr Phill

Getting ready

Mr O is very particular about how his tie is knotted!

Finally time to put the dress on...

The big reveal to my Dad

Having a quick look at all our friends and family

Mr and Mrs O!

The ferry across to Shell Bay…yes we made all our guests get on a ferry!

It was a 'little' bit windy!

Photos on the beach

Like I said it was just a bit windy

There's the wind again

The ferry back to the hotel

 I wish I could do it all again, this time with the little dude there!


  1. Wow! What an exciting year you've had, and what a lovely way to celebrate your anniversary. Such a lovely photo of your little family to compare with when your family started a year before.
    And thanks for sharing the wedding photos too, always love looking at people's wedding snaps.

    1. Thanks Lucy, it has been a very exciting year! I'm the same with wedding photos I love a good nosey!

  2. Gorgeous pictures and a gorgeous family! I can't believe your 35, you look so youthful! Just found you via the Mummy Bloggers facebook page! I'll be back :) xx

    1. Thanks Saskia…I'll be checking you out to!

  3. ps. Obviously 35 is not old! But you look about 25 ;) x

  4. Congratulations!! You look so so beautiful. I never would have thought the first photo was in Dorset, it looks like you are abroad xx

    1. Thanks Lauren, Studland is pretty spectacular if you get the right day!



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