Monday, 7 July 2014

9 & 10 Weeks...

I am so behind on weeks 9 and 10 as we are officially nearly into week 12.  From week 12 I think I am going to drop down to updating once a month.  So what has the little dude been up to in 9th and 10th weeks?

9 Weeks

10 Weeks
It was a busy few weeks which involved lots of new discoveries…the main one being his hands!  Many hours of fun are now being had sucking on those chubby little hands and desperately trying to suck his thumb.

We had a couple of nights where he dropped his last feed (11/12ish) which was absolute bliss unfortunately this break through coincided with his first lot of jabs so we were back to feeding every 3 hours after that…fingers crossed we'll get that longer chunk of sleep again soon as it really did make a huge difference to how I was feeling and functioning through the day.

Big sunglasses for me to hide the bags under my eyes…little sunglasses for the dude!

We also started attending a free baby massage class in one of our local children's centers.  The first class was a bit of a disaster and we only managed about 10 minutes of massage, but we managed the full session at the next class so I think it was just a case of getting used to it.  We are incredibly lucky to have such amazing, and free, resources where we live and David the teacher is great at putting all the Mums and babies at ease especially when the babies start to get a bit ratty!

We also celebrated Mr O's first Fathers Day!  The little dude 'made' Mr O and my Dad cards…he also bought Mr O a Starbuck's voucher to help him get through those long days at work when he hasn't had much sleep!

Happy Fathers Day Daddy and Grandad

We love you more and more everyday Max

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