Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Spring Cleaning

This time of year always a elicits a cleaning frenzy, but this years is even more feverish mainly due to the the fact that my parents are selling the family home to start their retirement in Dorset.  This is a time of mixed emotions for me and my siblings we're sad to see the home that we've had so many good times in while growing up being sold, but excited for our parents to start their new life.

BUT all the emotion aside it has also meant we have had to clear out, in my case, 34 years of 'stuff'.  After a couple of days of sorting what could go to a better home and what I wanted to keep I am now left with 3 boxes of bits and peices that now need a new home in my little flat...hence the need for some serious spring cleaning (or should that be clearing?).

I am going to try and keep the words or William Morris in mind whilst working through the clutter...wish me luck!

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