Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Inspiration v Motivation

I'm going to be honest I have been struggling the last couple of weeks...I am constantly inspired and have so many ideas of things I want to do, but I am really lacking in motivation to do anything.  Just writing that sentence makes me want to cry...yes I know that sounds dramatic, but every night I go to bed annoyed at how little I have achieved.

I am definitely afraid of failure and I think sometimes I put projects off so I don't fail...if I don't try I can't fail right!?

I need to find a strategy to work through this as at the moment it is making me miserable...

So things I AM going to achieve by the end of this month...

  1. Make at least one new cushion for my Etsy shop
  2. Design at least 5 new cards
  3. Post in the Etsy group I've been invited to join (can you believe it, little old me!)
  4. Make candles for the wedding 
  5. Blog more!
  6. Put either my Etsy or Blog link on Facebook (this is a biggie for me!)

Note to self...


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