Monday, 12 May 2014

3 Weeks

3 weeks today and I think he is getting even more gorgeous!

Mr O went back to work this week so Max and I have been flying solo, its exhausting, but I feel like we are slowly finding our groove.  Max has had a lot of wind this past week which makes him pretty uncomfortable, it breaks my heart to see him in pain.  We've started him on infacol which seems to be helping a bit, fingers crossed it will keep getting better.

Its been another busy week with 30th Birthday celebrations for my brother and Max's first bath!

Its was lovely to have the whole family together this weekend and Max did amazingly well being passed around as everyone wanted a hold.  His outfit for lunch on Sunday was a particular hit (you can buy similar here)…I on the other hand need to reconnect with my 

We love you more and more everyday Max…

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