Monday, 6 October 2014

Me and Mine: A Family Portrait Project - September

I am ashamed to say that even though I took hundreds of photos throughout September there are only two with all three of us in and both taken on the same day by my parents.

Last weekend we left the little dude for the first time overnight (not on his own of course, Granny and Grandad were left in charge!) the first photo was taken not long after we were all reunited...

Me and Mine September
Yes I did drag a very hungover Mr O out of bed at 8.30 as I missed the little dude so much!

This picture was taken at lunch where the little dude would have happily tucked into my roast if he had the chance…he had to settle for giraffe!  Look out for adventures in weaning soon.

Me and Mine September

Whilst we may not look our best, I love the moments they have captured.  Next month I will attempt to be more organised though!


  1. It's capturing the moments that matters the most if you ask me, and these are both cute photos of you enjoying being together, which is just lovely. Thanks for linking up to Me and Mine. x



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