Thursday, 21 August 2014

A Flat 102 Production...

On August 16th 2013 after feeling a bit odd for a couple of days and getting a temperature spike I took a pregnancy test…

big fat positive

I could not quite believe my eyes…POSITIVE.  I was in the flat alone at the time as Mr O was away and I vividly remember crying and hopping about the bathroom flapping my arms, I must have looked like a crazy person!  I was pregnant!  I had been lead to believe over the years due to health issues that there would only be a very slim chance that I would be able to get pregnant naturally, but we had done it!

I kept this amazing secret to myself all day at work as I wanted to tell Mr O in person, and once he got home I shared the good news and of course we did another test just to be sure!

big fat positive

We started taking weekly photos when the little dude, known as Bean at this point, was about 8 weeks along and the size of a raspberry! To mark a year since we started on this amazing journey I pulled those weekly photos into a quick video (please excuse the quality, its my first time working with iMovie!).  It was so fun to look back at my growing bump, it already feels a lifetime ago!

I feel so blessed and grateful everyday that I get to be the little dudes Mummy…love you millions.

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